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Whilst it is true that you can't control every aspect of birth, there are still things you can manage. You are in control of what you know about birth, your expectations for that event and your responses as birth unfolds. You really do have so much more power than you realise, but that's where I come in. Ahead of birth, my goal is to help enhance your awareness of all of the things within your control, so that you head into that all-important day feeling empowered and ready to navigate the journey ahead. 

However your baby enters the world, the day they do will be one you will never ever forget. You will have the memory of that day for the rest of your life. So, with that in mind, I don’t think the right question is “why prepare?” but “why wouldn’t you prepare?”

"These sessions gave us the space and time in the day to really focus on getting excited about the birth! We felt so at ease with the coming day and the coping techniques (breathing etc) I used during the birth and for me this was key to my pain relief and relaxed state for the best birth I could have imagined."

- Amy, first-time mum



When I first started offering birth preparation over two years ago, I very much stuck to the traditional Hypnobirthing script and stayed within the boundary of what I'd been taught in my training. A few months in and I realised that I was actually doing myself (and my clients) a massive disservice because I had so much more knowledge and insight to share. 


With this realisation, I stepped away from the traditional Hypnobirthing course that I had been teaching and got to work creating a birth preparation offering that reflected the true depth and breadth of my expert knowledge and personal experience. That upgrade has added a richness to my teaching and the support that I offer in a way that I truly believe helps make birth (and life afterwards) better for my clients.


Because what I teach comes directly from me the energy you get from me is next level. I believe in this work wholeheartedly and embody the principles that underlie my teaching, which also enhances the value and insight you get from me. Also, I'm not just an expert in what I do, but I have personally lived through so many of the experiences that I support my clients with. Whether you are navigating all of the unknowns of pregnancy, riding the waves of birth or finding your feet in early parenthood, I can relate to you and your journey. I often find that it's actually my personal experience and insight that helps my clients feel safe enough to share and open up in ways that they might not otherwise. Because of this our sessions can end up feeling deeply personal and even therapeutic, as you prepare for one of the biggest events and transitions of your life.

There are no guarantees in birth, just like there aren't any in life. And whilst I can't make any promises about the kind of birth you will have, I can promise that our work together will take you deeper than just a standard, one-size-fits-all Hypnobirthing course. What do you say? You up for that? 

"We learnt so so much and couldn't have wished for a better introduction to birth nor a more lovely, warm teacher who we felt very comfortable being ourselves around. I can honestly say it has really shaped how we both have approached all conversations since surrounding birth which has been incredibly empowering and we feel very united in this having been able to experience it together."

- Hannah, first time mum

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So often, when we become pregnant, we hand ourselves over to our healthcare team and say "please tell me what to do", when what we should really be saying is "this is what I need for my birth and this is how you can support me"We put so much trust in external sources and keep so little for ourselves, but we are so much more powerful than we realise. We are able to grow a whole human being (sometimes more than one at the same time!) and a new organ to keep them alive, for a start. Yet, we hold ourselves back from trusting that the same body capable of those things is also capable of giving birth. 

But this lack of trust doesn't necessarily come from us. The truth is, there is a much bigger, deeper lack of trust that exists in society. The story we're told is that birth is strictly a medical event in which we have little to no choice. This is also the narrative we see playing out all of the time in stories of birth trauma passed between family and friends and on our screens in dramatised scenes of birth in films or TV shows. It's a tough narrative to override, but it can be done.

The key to building trust in birth and in our body's ability to give birth is to normalise it. That requires enhancing our understanding of birth and our bodies. It means challenging unhelpful beliefs and working to expand our feelings of safety around birth. It includes equipping ourselves with vital knowledge of our birth-related options and rights, which allow us to get a clearer sense of what's possible for us. It means taking control where we can and surrendering to the parts of birth that cannot be controlled. 

What I'm talking about here can be deeply challenging work. You're trying to rewrite stories that are a few generations deep. But it's work that's worth doing, not just for yourself, but for generations to come. So, what do you think? Are you ready to trust birth?

"With many preconceived ideas about birth & even having watched my wife give birth previously I thought I understood how birth was meant to be... But I realised just how counter intuitive modern day birthing was. In short, the body is designed to naturally give birth and you have to trust it."

- Theo, second time dad


I am ready to meet you wherever you are at on your journey to birth. I am also ready to meet you at the depth and duration of work that you feel is right for you.

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Self-paced Birth Prep

If you like tackling things independently and in your own time, then this option is for you. 


Enjoy full access to my 4 and a half hour pre-recorded birth prep course (course details outlined below - note that Life After Birth is currently not included)

You will also receive a welcome pack in the post from me with my Happy Hypno Birth Prep cards and a pack of my Positive Affirmation Cards for Parenthood

This option also gives you access to 3 Relaxing MP3s and other electronic resources, including my Written Guide to Preparing for Birth. 

Investment £49


Birth Boost

If you're looking for a comprehensive birth preparation course with a little tailored support on the side, then this one is for you.


First, work through my 4 and a half hour pre-recorded birth prep course at a pace that suits you. Once you have completed the course and whenever you're ready, we will jump on our 2-hour birth coaching call. You are free to use the session however you'd like - reflecting on a previous birth experience ahead of your next one, working through any birth-related anxiety, tailored birth planning or general birth coaching. Two hours may not sound like long, but during our session you will get my absolute all (which is a pretty potent combo of expert knowledge and personal experience) as we work together to give your birth mindset a massive power boost. 

Investment £249


Birth Prep

If you're after deeper-dive birth prep with supercharged support on the side, you're in the right place.

This package includes 3 x 2 hour sessions during which I will teach you a live version of my birth prep course (course details below) Having the course taught in this way allows plenty of room for asking questions in the moment and more tailored discussions and advice. 

In addition to these sessions you will have access to text and voice messaging support for 4 weeks. This means that for one month you will be my VIP and I will be your unwavering go-to whilst we work together to strengthen your birth mindset and build your confidence so that you feel totally empowered when it comes to giving birth and making the right decisions for you and your baby. 

Investment £599

Payment plans available.


Birth & Beyond Prep

This package is designed to help you navigate birth and transition into parenthood with confidence and ease.

Across 4 x 2 hour sessions, held in person or online, we will cover all 4 parts of the course outlined below.

In addition to these sessions you will have access to text and voice messaging support for 6 weeks. This is a brilliant way to further explore and be coached through your feelings around birth and life afterwards by me. In fact, this is where lots of the work (and magic) actually happens! With regular check-ins, session deepeners and conversation prompts over 6 weeks, I will continue supporting you in building your confidence and trust in birth, yourself and the journey ahead. 

Investment £799

Payment plans available.

"I believe you completely changed birth for us. Even though we didn't stick fully to the plan I had such a positive experience and felt empowered to just listen to my body and embrace it and I really believe that is down to you."

- Lydia, first time mum

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I have poured all of my love, passion and expertise into creating a course designed to help you navigate birth and life afterwards with a stronger understanding of who you are and deep feeling of trust in your own amazing power. With this transformational awareness you will move through your experiences with confidence, calmness and ease. 

"This course was an absolute game changer for me as a birth partner, and I would highly recommend it to everyone expecting a baby. I grew up watching tv and films showing birth as a negative and painful experience, but Tuesday's course helped me to unlearn this and completely changed my mindset. My wife and I both started to see birth as a positive experience, which really helped us reduce anxiety leading up to it, and we believe this is the reason we had such a positive and beautiful birth."

- Quoc, first time dad

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