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Group Birth Prep

This 3-part course provides a complete antenatal education. In other words, you come away with all of the knowledge, tools and techniques you will need to feel calm and confident heading into birth. This course also provides a wonderful opportunity to get to know other local couples as you get ready to meet your babies. There is something so lovely about connecting with others who are living similar experiences to you. The group environment provides a wonderfully supportive space for asking questions, getting answers and sharing feelings about birth - a space that I would love to have you in. My next group course will take place across 3 Saturday mornings in February 2023.


Below you can read what some of my lovely clients thought of their group experience and what they felt they gained by doing a course with me. 

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I've learnt so much about my own body that I didn't know, as well as all my choices for labour. I would have gone into the birth "winging it" as I thought it wasn't something to prepare much for as it can be very unpredictable, however I'm so happy that we did this course, learnt all of our options and have got a birth plan together. I am excited now about the birth of my baby and feel so much more relaxed about the whole process. If you're pregnant you need to do one of Tuesdays courses! I miss my Saturday morning classes now they're done!


It was lovely to go through different birthing techniques and relaxation techniques whilst chatting to ladies In all different stages of their pregnancy, Tuesday was knowledgeable and helped us all feel more at ease with the thought of labour and preparing to be a mum.


As well as an opportunity to share any fears about birth in a calm, caring and non judgemental environment, Tuesday gave us lots of practical tips on how to take control of those fears, explaining the science behind it along the way.


As a first time dad-to-be all people seemed to tell me was mostly unhelpful, negative comments like "During labour you will be pushed to one side and ignored", "You will soon realise this part isn't about you", "Birth plans are pointless". What I learnt in Tuesday's hypnobirthing class couldn't have been more different. In fact, you learn about the power given to the birth partner during labour and the choices available. The knowledge I gained and techniques I've learnt have not only made me feel more involved as the birth partner but excited to experience the birth of our baby together.
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A toolkit for birth

The course is designed to provide you with a practical toolkit for birth, made up of sound birth knowledge, relaxation tools, breathing techniques, movement and positions for birth and information to support you in writing your birth plan(s). The course is split into 3 sessions, with each session focusing on a different element of this birth toolkit that we will be building together.

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In this session we will talk about the way your mind and body are connected and work together to birth your baby. This session will provide a sound understanding of how birth works - an absolutely amazing process, which blows my mind everytime I talk about it!

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Practical Tools

In this session, you will be learning about all the different ways that you can find calm during birth. We will talk about breathing techniques, movement and positions and relaxation tools designed to make birth a more comfortable experience.

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In this session we will talk through the stages of labour and all of your different options when it comes to birth - exactly which choices are yours to make at every stage of birth and the pros and cons of each. 

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