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Useful Links

Access to the right information and support in pregnancy and after birth shouldn't be exclusively available to those who can afford it. I've compiled a (non-exhaustive) list of useful links that offer sound, evidence-based information and accessible support, should you need them. 

Pre- and Postnatal Mental Health

PANDAS - for those impacted by perinatal mental illness.  

Mind - for anyone experiencing mental health difficulties. 

The Calm Zone - a list of international mental health charities. 


Birth Information and Rights

Dr Sara Wickham - pregnancy- and birth-related blogs and resources.

Dr Rachel Reed - as above.

AiMS - info about birth-related options in the UK maternity system.


Postpartum Support

The Breastfeeding Network - breastfeeding and mental health support.

MASIC - for those affected by birth injury.

BLISS - support for parents of sick or premature babies. 

SANDS - for those who have experienced baby loss. 

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