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I'm so excited for you

My name is Dr Tuesday Watts-Overall and I am a birth and postpartum coach. I am also a mum of two, with another on the way! Something I know for sure is that the experiences you are about to have in birth and life afterwards have the potential to change everything for you. The joy, the growth, the love, the opportunity for learning more about what makes you who you are as a person - you are currently standing at the foot of it all and I'm so excited for you.

What I do

I use a combination of elevated antenatal education and specialist coaching tools to help people prepare themselves mentally and practically for birth and life afterwards. This often includes supporting expectant parents as they overcome their fears around birth. I help these parents play a more active role in their own birth by providing evidence-based information as well as effective coaching tools and techniques to enhance what they know and how they feel about the journey ahead.

My work also includes supporting parents as they adjust to their new roles in life after birth. Sometimes this looks like processing their experiences of birth, helping them realise and update their expectations around parenthood or initiating more honest conversations about what's going on for them. Other times it's simply about helping them create space for more self-compassion as they learn on the job (a brand new one!).

Whether you are navigating the unknowns of pregnancy and birth or finding your feet in life afterwards, I've got you covered with a range of courses and 1:1 offerings. 


More about me

In addition to teaching and supporting expectant and new parents I have a passion for speaking and writing about navigating birth and life afterwards. I especially enjoy sharing my professional insights through the lens of my personal experiences as a mum of three, in a way that's warm, compassion-led and relatable. You can find a collection of these insights on my Instagram and on my new blog, which I will be adding to weekly. 

If you'd like to get to know the person behind these thoughts a little better, you can read more about my journey to this work by clicking the button below.

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