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My name is Tuesday (yes, exactly like the day) and I am a mum of two little terrors, with another on the way! I live in the rural English countryside with my lovely husband, children, dog, two cats and small flock of chickens - we like to keep busy! 


The birth of my second child in 2021 was the beginning of a brand new and absolutely monumental chapter for me. Not only had I become a new mum of two, which was a huge personal transition, but I realised a passion I never knew I had - supporting others as they navigated birth and life afterwards. 

More about me... 

I bring a great depth of professional insight to my work, with a doctorate in Psychology as well as training in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills, Postnatal Mental Health and Early Parenting Relationships, Hypnobirthing and Integrative Change Work. But my professional qualifications aren’t the only thing that make me an expert in what I do - I have personally lived through so many of the experiences that I support my clients with. Whether they are navigating all of the unknowns of pregnancy, riding the waves of birth or finding their feet in early parenthood, I can relate to my clients on a very human and deeply personal level. I often find that it's actually my personal experiences and insight that help my clients feel safe enough to share and open up in ways that they might not otherwise. Because of this, my client sessions can end up feeling deeply personal and even therapeutic, as I support parents through one of the biggest events and transitions of their lives.

In my experiences, both personal and professional, I have found that my work often involves challenging and rewriting societal narratives - the most common ones being around birth as a suffering that we have to endure and around postpartum as something that we have to “just get on with”. For that reason, I see the work that I do as being so much bigger than me – it’s also for generations to come. With two small children and another on the way, I feel more determined than ever to normalise birth as well as the ups and downs of postpartum life for them.

My Coaching Practice

As a birth and postpartum coach, I support expectant and new parents as they navigate all of the unknowns in pregnancy, get ready for birth and find their feet in early parenthood - individually and as a couple.


I have a home-based practice space where I offer face-to-face sessions (I also run these online). It's situated in the picturesque Essex countryside. I have a cosy, tranquil, indoor practice room, but sometimes, weather permitting, I run sessions outdoors. Think calming field views and the soothing hum of tractors in the distance. I love it here and you will too (see photo below).

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