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Online Birth Prep - £49

I have poured all of my love, passion and expertise into creating a course designed to help you navigate birth with a stronger understanding of your incredible body, how to prepare yourself for the experience you're about to have and what your choices are along the way. With this transformational awareness you will move through your experiences with confidence, calmness and ease. 

Enjoy full access to my 4 and a half hour pre-recorded birth prep course (course details outlined below) plus 3 relaxing MP3s and other electronic resources, including my Written Guide to Preparing for Birth. 

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"I believe you completely changed birth for us. Even though we didn't stick fully to the plan I had such a positive experience and felt empowered to just listen to my body and embrace it and I really believe that is down to you."

More about the course...

The course is split into three birth-related modules, which cover every you need to head into birth feeling confident and well-informed. 


How Birth Works

Prepare to have your mind blown! In this section we delve into the way your hormones, muscles and nervous system work together to make birth possible. You will walk away from this session with a deeper understanding and profound appreciation of your own insane physical power.

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Mind Over Birth

This is where the work gets deeper as we discuss the role your mind will play in birth. We take a closer look at your feelings and beliefs around birth. You will also come away with practical tools to help you feel calm and confident heading into it.

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Navigating Birth

This part of the course is the chunkiest as we discuss all of the options available to you when it comes to birth (from induction to pain relief and newborn procedures). Understanding what these are as well as the benefits and risks of each choice, will help you get a stronger sense of your own birth preferences.

"This course was an absolute game changer for me as a birth partner, and I would highly recommend it to everyone expecting a baby. I grew up watching tv and films showing birth as a negative and painful experience, but Tuesday's course helped me to unlearn this and completely changed my mindset. My wife and I both started to see birth as a positive experience, which really helped us reduce anxiety leading up to it, and we believe this is the reason we had such a positive and beautiful birth."

Real Self-Care - £29

Whether you’re hoping to conceive, a mum-to-be, in the early weeks of life after birth or well established on your motherhood journey, this programme is for you. 

Real Self-Care delivers some of the insights and tools that have completely changed the way I move through difficult thoughts, feelings and experiences in motherhood. It offers a way of navigating life after birth with a deeper insight into you in a way that fosters more self-compassion.  

You can buy the 90-minute recording, session workbook and recorded hypnosis MP3, designed to boost your confidence in your version of motherhood.

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"I now feel like I can approach tricky situations in a different way and prioritise my mental health whilst also being present for my children."

1:1 Options

If you'd prefer more personalised support as you get ready for birth or navigate life on the other side of it, I also offer 1:1 Coaching sessions. 

You can also join me on Instagram

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